About Document Supported Scribing

In certain healthcare settings, the transition from physical patient records to electronic formats, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), presents a significant challenge. This process can be time-consuming and burdensome for healthcare professionals, particularly doctors, who are already managing multiple responsibilities in patient care. Our dedicated service addresses this challenge by recognizing the value of the data within handwritten notes, forms, and graphs, and the importance of integrating them into modern EHR systems. Our process involves seamlessly converting these physical documents into a digital format that adheres to the latest specified standards, ensuring data accuracy and uniformity across the healthcare organization.

Benefits of Document Supported Medical Scribe Services

Seamless transition of physical documents into a digital format Adherence to the latest specified standards, ensuring data accuracy and uniformity

Improved accuracy through the conversion of physical documents into electronic formats Reduced risk of errors associated with manual data entry

Streamlined documentation process, reducing physician documentation burden
Enhanced patient-physician interaction, leading to better patient care
Increased productivity and job satisfaction for physicians

Virtual scribe services available for practices of various sizes
Easy integration with electronic health records (EHR) systems

More time for patient interaction and core competencies for physicians
Improved visit interactions and patient satisfaction
Faster decision-making and improved patient care due to immediate documentation
In summary, our Recorded Medical Scribe services offer a range of benefits, including improved documentation accuracy, enhanced workflow efficiency, and better patient care. By leveraging these services, healthcare providers can ensure a seamless transition to electronic formats, leading to improved data accuracy, workflow efficiency, and ultimately, better patient care.

Scribe Qualifications

Our diverse team of experienced healthcare professionals, spanning pharma, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, biotechnology, and life sciences, leverages their extensive qualifications to deliver exceptional healthcare services to providers, clinics, and hospitals. HIPAA Certified: Certified in HIPAA, they prioritize the security and privacy of patient data.

Operating full-time with flexibility 40-48 hours per week, 160-209 hours per month Support all specialities: Our experienced healthcare professionals collaborate across a diverse range of provider specialties.

Our experienced healthcare professionals provides services on all EHR