About Live Medical Scribe

Live Medical scribes are instrumental in the healthcare system, significantly improving the efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction of medical practices. Unlike medical transcriptionists, who work asynchronously, scribes operate in real time, accompanying physicians during patient visits to capture and document essential medical information directly into the electronic health record (EHR) system. This immediate documentation ensures that critical patient data is captured without delay, allowing for faster decision-making, improved patient care, and more efficient workflows. The role of a medical scribe is distinct from that of a medical transcriptionist, as scribes work synchronously during patient visits, ensuring the correctness, completeness, and accuracy of documentation without the need for audio recordings or the potential for overlooking critical elements during patient encounters. This real-time support frees physicians from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and ultimately increasing their earnings.

Real-time support during patient visits Improved workflow efficiency Enhanced patient care Reduced physician documentation burden Increased physician satisfaction Lowered risk of burnout More time for patient interaction and core competencies Improved productivity and job satisfactionBy highlighting these unique benefits, we aim to demonstrate the value that medical scribes bring to medical practices, ultimately improving the overall quality of patient care and practice efficiency. Better patient interactions Reduced time on administrative tasks Increased revenue and patient visits Valuable resource for medical practices

Experienced Medical and Life Science allied professionals : Our diverse team of experienced healthcare professionals, spanning pharma, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, biotechnology, and life sciences, leverages their extensive qualifications to deliver exceptional healthcare services to providers, clinics, and hospitals.
HIPAA Certified: Certified in HIPAA, they prioritize the security and privacy of patient data.
Full time available and flexible: Operating full-time with flexibility 40-48 hours per week, 160-209 hours per month
Support all specialities: Our experienced healthcare professionals collaborate across a diverse range of provider specialties.
Familiar with all EHR: Our experienced healthcare professionals provides services on all EHR