Live Medical Scribe
In real time or live medical scribe, Physicians simply grant access to live streaming or feeds.
Medical Transcription
This is the conventional transcription approach; Physicians provide us the recorded audios to transcribe,
Recorded Medical Scribe
In the recorded scribing process, physicians provide voice recordings of their patient conversations.

About Indivirtus AB7

Welcome to Indivirtus AB7 Scribing & RCM, a trailblazing US-based healthcare service provider dedicated to transform the landscape of medical documentation and revenue cycle management. Our mission is clear:

Our Services

Medical Scribe

A medical scribe or remote medical
In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, accurate and efficient documentation is paramount.

Medical Transcription

Accurate and timely medical transcription is
Accurate and timely medical transcription is crucial for maintaining comprehensive patient records and ensuring effective

Billing and Coding

At Indivirtus – AB7, we understand that efficient billing
Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) holds paramount importance in the realm of healthcare, playing a pivotal role in the financial

Why Indivirtus AB7 ?

Indivirtus AB7 places utmost importance on the clinician-patient relationship, ensuring that all tasks are handled by skilled human professionals with a 100% commitment to enhancing healthcare systems, physician practices, and hospitals.

Our comprehensive suite of customizable services includes Medical Scribe, Medical Transcription, Healthcare Data Processing, Medical Billing Coding, Medical Data Curation, and more. Feel free to share your business requirements with us; we are adaptable and can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


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Quick Onboarding : Our professionals can be onboarded swiftly, avoiding recruitment delays.

Flexible Availability : Whether you need full-time or part-time professionals, we offer customized hours to suit your needs.

Cost-Effective Pricing : Our services come at competitive rates, ensuring cost savings.

HIPAA-Verified and Vetted : Our professionals undergo thorough background checks, ensuring secure work.

EHR Expertise : We specialize in various Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Quality Assurance : Try our demo trials to assess the quality of our services.

Scalability : We’re ready to scale as your needs evolve.

Backup Scribe : Rest assured, a backup professionals are always available to prevent disruptions.

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